Evangelical Christian Church
... and in this place will I give peace, said the LORD of hosts. Haggai 2:9


The Cristo é Paz Church was founded on 09/24/1994, in Vila União, in the city of Campinas - SP - Brazil, by Pastor Marcos Morales, answering a call from God, which was placed in his heart.

During a trip from Pastor Marcos with pastor Roseli by the Bandeirantes highway, at km 93, they saw in the distance a new real estate project being built, the residential center of Vila União. At that time pastor Marcos commented to pastor Roseli: "Do you imagine a church here?"

After some time, the pastor Marcos, passing by again, observed lights on and thought: "It is already being inhabited".

After dreaming about the place, he went there, took some pictures to pray to God and ask for his direction. Getting there pastor Marcos found a cousin from pastor Roseli that they hadn't seen in 30 years. Then a family group emerged, God started to operate and soon after the church was founded.

Today the Cristo é Paz church in Campinas is established in its own building at Rua Orlando Mei, 121 - Vila União - Campinas - Brazil